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We desire to create and support an integrated community of signers for those we love

Our Mission
ASL Junction strives to connect family and friends inside and outside the deaf and Signing Community. We desire to create and support an integrated community of signers for those we love. We encourage communication through sharing educational and social activities, and resources in and out of the deaf and Signing community.

Language First
90% of children who are deaf are raised by hearing parents. Less than 40% of families with school-aged deaf children use sign language at home according to a study from Gallaudet University. Additionally, many of the children who are deaf or who have other conditions like Down syndrome, autism, apraxia, palsy, etc., that sometimes require the use of sign language for communication are raised by hearing parents.  Of those families only a small percentage of families with school aged children that need sign language, use sign language at home.  We want to change this trend.  Learning Sign for these kids is critical to their language acquisition. ASL is our country's language just as much as English.  

As parents of children that require the use of Sign language, we have seen our children isolated in hearing communities, and we have rejoiced when a child has took the time to learn a sign. We are here to broaden the playground and community signers and bridge the gap between the deaf and hearing community. We share Sign Language with everyone - for their first or second language etc., in the hope to someday see Sign Language taught in all schools along with other core subjects.

Family at ASL Junction activity
Toddler with glasses signing ILY
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