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ASL Junction is a non-profit organization founded by Lisa Hampton, a hearing mother of two Hard-of-hearing children. What first started off as a playgroup evolved into an organization that strives to connect people and form an integrated community of signers. We work on creating library event with educational ASL-related activities, social events to meet new people, and teaching American Sign Language to the community. We work with the community, other organizations, and agencies to refer our families for additional support. 


ASL Junction welcomes every individual into our community. All disabilites, non-verbals, ASL users, Deaf, Hard-of-hearing (HoH), Children of Deaf Adults (CODA), and autistics are welcome. 


ASL Junction has a General Meeting for the community to join every first Thursday of every month. Please follow our socials to receive notifications of our General Meetings, Library Events, and Social Events. 

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Lisa Hampton: 661 472 0088 

Jazmine Willis VP: 661 472 2078

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